Landis & Gyr Libra 350i Series

Advanced metering

The G350 series provides advanced metering information that can enable the analysis of energy usage patterns, provide control of the installation and is designed to satisfy the requirements of the NTA. The G350 incorporates an integral shut-off valve and a temperature compensated reading can be obtained. The G350 series is available in a number of different connection variants and with a wired or wireless M Bus interface. The G350 provides 2 variants of communications module, wired and wireless M Bus, which provides Smart Metering functionality to the Landis+Gyr E6V Electronic Domestic Gas Meter.

Used as part of the Landis+Gyr dual fuel solution the module provides the consumer with consumption information on current and historic usage values and associated costs via the ecoMeter Home Energy Monitor.

Data is transferred from the module to the Landis+Gyr updated EMeter Version 5236 electricity meter via Low Power Radio or Wired M Bus communication, sending the latest gas consumption readings to the electricity meter at hourly intervals. The data sent from the gas module to the electricity meter can also be sent back to the utility software via the P3 GPRS Port at E-Meter.

The consumer can view the consumption and cost information associated with the gas usage via the ecoMeter displays.The 5236 electricity meter then passes the data to the ecoMeter Home Energy Monitor using (LPR) communications.


  • Remote valve operation
  • Remote meter reading
  • Tamper alerts
  • Temperature compensation
  • Pressure adjustment factor
  • Service functions
  • Test Mode


G350 Datasheet